All orders must be paid for by secure online payment using your bank card: Visa, Carte Bleue or Eurocard Mastercard.

We have chosen the highly secure payment solution of CIC bank, which uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypting technology to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data during your payment transaction.
The locked padlock on the bottom right-hand side of your browser window guarantees that you are in a secure area, and that no-one can intercept the information that you sent.

The information that you provide about your bank card (number and expiry date) are directly and uniquely recorded on the CIC bank server. All this information remains confidential.
We do not store any information relating to bank card payments.

You are automatically insured by FIA-NET and AXA for purchases you make on our website. This insurance is offered free of charge.
This means that if, in spite of all the precautions we have taken, you were, following a purchase on our site, victim of fraudulous use of your payment card or banking information, you would be wholly reimbursed, without any excess being due.