Free Lance‘s winter 2021-22 collection is the first developed under the leadership of Alfredo Piferi. The Italian designer was keen to return to the origins of the brand by going back to its roots and laying the groundwork for this new creative era.

Hence the name of this first collection, “Back to the Roots”, which draws its inspiration from the elements that form the very DNA of Free Lance. It brings us back to a spirit born in the 1980s, when the brand was launched. That of a modern, free, and independent woman.

Alfredo Piferi set to work by applying his artistic touch to Free Lance’s logo, the Rose. More graphic, less romanticised, this flower evokes a femininity that is both sensual and assertive, modern and defiant. This revised version of the rose logo can still be found under the soles of some models. It is also discreetly stitched into the eather of a Thorn biker boot, a Rox hiking boot, and printed on the label’s linchpin stiletto, La Rose.

Broken down into several highlights, this collection as a whole displays a look that draws its inspiration from the spirit of the American West, where taking to the road and seeing what lies beyond the horizon are words to live by.

All the models in this line are designed to hit the streets in style.

This season, Free Lance affirms the return of the heel and sensuality.

Extravagant, comma-shaped, it establishes a strong look directly inspired by models from the 80s and 90s. That surreal heel is exemplified by the Lune; a sexy variation on a Chelsea boot with its round elasticated insert and a jewel buckle. Its sensual lines make for elegant daywear or evening attire.

A new signature shoe that reveals the full extent of Piferi’s style, La Rose is a pump named after the Free Lance logo. This breathtaking shoe asserts a style all of its own with its singularly accented heel, inspired by the rose’s thorns. It is a kind of graphic and surrealist accident. Combined with the quilted leather insert, a discreet detail found on the heel and the upper, it elegantly highlights the curves of an ankle. Laying codes bare, celebrating and blending them.

The santiag, another Free Lance must-have inspired by the Great American West, is more glamorous than ever under the influence of Alfredo Piferi. With its bevelled heel and tapered toe, the familiar lines of the santiag have been adapted to the city in this more chic and urbane version.

Last but not least, totally inspired by the archives, the Billi multizip thigh boot is sure to make an impression with its sensual look. Climbing high on the leg, it reveals as much as it covers, highlighting curves as it rises.